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Welcome to the website of the 21st Panzer Division Living History Group.


We portray the 125 Panzer Grenadier Regiment, a subordinate unit under Major Hans von Luck. Our display aims to show a likeness of a 1944 Normandy based encampment for rehabilitation and garrison duty.  By now the soldiers were a mixture of raw new recruits and wily veterans (alter Hase) of the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) aimed to "pad out" and train the less experienced into an effective fighting force.

21st Panzer would eventually lead the counter attack on D Day reaching the coast before withdrawal. Their ultimate fate was surrender to the Soviets on the Eastern Front in 1945.

We are a group of militaria collectors, historians and hobbyists and as we pursue these aims we shall not allow any political involvement to enter our activities

Our Events page has been updated for 2024
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